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Q. Why did you decide to only have one wedding per week at the castle?
A. We wanted Brides to have an opportunity to be married in a Fairytale setting but we did not want them so rushed as to ruin their experience. Many locations are like fast food places they want you to come in, but then they want you to get out. Also many locations are so demanding as to the time you have that the Bride, Groom, and their families are so worried about the clock, and the next bride, their minds are not on the Joy of their own wedding. We think this is sad so only one wedding per week.

Q. Why is the reception center not at the Castle?
A. When many couples start looking for a wedding location it is hard for them to cover everything that might occur in the planning of their wedding. They might forget that if they got married in their church there is no reception area. They might also think it was very important to have the wedding and reception together, but is this convenient for their guests? Are there hotels, near by, is there available security. Are guests that have had alcoholic beverages going to have to drive in major traffic areas?

 We built Falkenstein Castle on the highest hill in the Hill country we could find. We wanted the setting to be like the old Castles of Europe, having lots of open land around the Castle. We did not want to build within a city, or a commercial area. The castle is located on 113 acres in the middle of mostly Texas parkland that covers an additional 5,000 acres. On a clear day the 360 degree views extends 30 miles in every direction.

The problem in creating this  serene location is that the Castle is on a 6 miles winding stretch of Park Road 4. There is not much traffic, but there is also no lighting at night and hundreds of small animals roaming the roads. Since the convenience, and Joy, of our Wedding guests is of the utmost importance to us, we built a new reception center in the city of Burnet.

Q. What benefits are there to having the reception center in Burnet?
A. The Castle reception center is located in a beautiful park in Burnet, Texas along the cites river walk. The reception center is also just 3 blocks from a new large hotel for those guests that do not want to return home, or those guests that do a little too much partying. Anyone entertaining a large group of guests today must be conscious of the changes in the laws over the last few years concerning the consuming of alcoholic beverages. Our general requirement is that a Burnet County Sheriffs officer be at the door of our receptions. The parking areas are well lit, and after the Bride and Groom leave the reception the guest are left in the middle of a small town.

Q. How large are the actual Castle grounds inside the Walls of the Castle?
A. The footprint of the main grounds and buildings covers approximately four acres or 174,240 square feet.

Q. How large is the main building where the weddings are held, and what is the Castle constructed of?
A. The main " Palace " building where the weddings are held is nearly ninety feet tall. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of limestone, granite, sand, cement, rock and block, were used in the construction of all of the buildings at Falkenstein Castle. The castle was built in the old tradition of Castle building in Europe. The walls are not wood and sheetrock they are solid stone. The chandeliers are cast iron; the huge columns are from ancient forests some 30 feet tall.

Q.  Who lives in the Castle?
A. Terry and Kim Young the builders of the Castle live in the Castle year round. The Castle was not built as a commercial enterprise but the Youngs wanted to share their beautiful project with the public at least in some limited way. What could have been better than Fairytale weddings.

Q. Does the Castle do movies or tours?
A. Many have ask but the Young’s feel that these type of events might interfere with their Brides.

Q. What is the landscaping like at the castle?
A. The castle owners here again tried to keep the grounds looking as natural as possible with native grasses, and plants, but there is also an exotic garden with hundreds of flowering plants that covers nearly one half acre. This garden features plants brought in from all over the planet. There are also water ponds and fountains, as well as 40 foot pine trees.

Email The Castle  Phone: 830-201-4100
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